Modern Supply Chain 2018

Dig into 2018 with Keste next week at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience Show in San Jose, California. Starting Monday, we will be exhibiting at the San Jose Convention Center alongside over 2,500 supply chain professionals to share valuable insights and strategies around supply chain solutions in the cloud. The conference is broken down into… read more


Cliff Godwin uncovers what EBS customers can expect with EBS 12.2.7

Check out this video from the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) blog on the latest announcements at October’s Oracle OpenWorld, including: A roadmap reflecting the commitment of the EBS team to support the product through at least 2030. The release of EBS 12.2.7 and the expected cadence for future releases. Flexible, subscription-based options for EBS on… read more

How to Modernize Your Legacy Infrastructure: “Integrate and Innovate” Instead of “Rip and Replace”

There is an almost deafening buzz in the current technology climate about moving to the cloud. The cloud, be it public, private, hybrid, or a combination thereof, promises unprecedented agility, scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and more, and the exodus in that direction can be felt at nearly every level of the IT organization specifically and… read more

Working with Keste

Tara Palmierie Senior Manager, Cloud Specialized Solution Sales Oracle North America Alliances Channels We strive for good feedback from not only our customers but also from our Oracle representatives we partner with. In the interview below, Tara Palmierie, Oracle Senior Manager of Cloud Specialized Solution Sales, North America Alliances Channels, speaks to how Keste works… read more


Dallas Trailhead Live

Keste is excited to follow up Dreamforce with you at Dallas Trailhead Live on Thursday, December 7th. Salesforce is coming to Dallas for speakers, sessions, keynotes and more on how to connect with customers using the power of the Intelligent Customer Success Platform. Located at the Sheraton hotel in Downtown Dallas, this brand new event aims to give attendees… read more


Keste’s Top Moments from Dreamforce 2017

Every year Dreamforce promises a whirlwind of people, ideas, and technology, and this year was no different. Dreamforce 2017 delivered the usual crazy crowds, speakers to remember, useful sessions, great parties and opportunities to connect with old friends and new – plus, of course, all the Salesforce information and inspiration that you possibly could ask… read more

What’s the Difference Between Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud (and Why You Should Care)

Now that cloud computing has become an established part of the IT lexicon, firmly rooted in reality instead of buzz, different flavors of cloud have taken its place in the hype cycle. We’ve all become familiar with public, private, and hybrid cloud, but what about the latest buzzword: multi-cloud? The analysts have been talking about… read more


You know Salesforce? We’re hiring.

Keste was named a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner in a record 18 months. We are on fire and are already reaching for our next goal – to become the next Salesforce Platinum-level consulting partner – in an even shorter period of time. We are looking for energetic, ambitious, results-oriented professionals to join us as we as… read more