Major Garage Door Provider Improves Invoice Processing with WebCenter

A Major Garage Door Provider Cuts Invoice Processing Costs

A leading provider of overhead and garage door systems needed to make the transformation from a manual to a digital world in order to cut its invoice processing costs and improve audit quality. Each of the company’s five divisions had been managing and maintaining their own content systems. Not only was this costly, but without… read more

Keste featured in latest Oracle WebCenter Newsletter

Keste, the 2013 Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year in Middleware, is featured in the latest edition of the Oracle WebCenter Newsletter. Keste is featured in three areas: the Partner Spotlight showcasing our Middleware and WebCenter-specific expertise, a Webcast showcasing how Logitech Reduced Accounts Payable and Expense Management Costs with Oracle WebCenter and as a… read more


Watch the Keste-Oracle Partner Webcast

Learn how Logitech teamed with Keste to reduce storage, manual entry and audit cost of a paper intensive accounts payable and expense process by automating document processing leveraging Oracle WebCenter Imaging and Oracle E-Business Suite. Access the webcast “Reduce Accounts Payable and Expense Management Costs with Oracle WebCenter” and hear how Logitech has: Reduces cost… read more