Achieving Perfection: The Art of the Sale

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Imagine waking up every day and consistently making sales that require little to no effort, ones that get the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. Sales where a highly satisfied customer keeps returning and even recommends others. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and people are happy and satisfied all of [...]

4 Requirements For Building A Successful Digital Buying And Selling Experience

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What makes a smart brand in today’s digital world? Simply put, a smart brand is one that focuses on providing a quality digital experience for everyone, regardless of market or industry. It is a brand that recognizes the need for both a comprehensive, consistent buying experience and for a way to support sellers to increase [...]

Keste Recognized for Expertise in New Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer Program

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Keste, an award-winning software solutions and development company and Platinum Level member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), has attained Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) status. The CEI program was launched during OpenWorld 2017 as part of Oracle’s commitment to customer success on cloud applications and is a win for everybody involved. For Oracle, the [...]

Avoiding Conflict and Drama Using Salesforce Service Cloud

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Life is hard enough without adding unnecessary obstacles. Think about it, if somebody is rude or makes life difficult you simply don’t want to deal with them. The same goes for products, services, and systems. In fact, in the highly competitive digital landscape, a stellar customer experience involving minimal conflict and drama is not just [...]

The Secret System Behind the Digital Buy/Sell Phenomena

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Whether selling a product to an individual or to a large corporation, B2C or B2B, the digital transformation has created an entirely new set of expectations and demands. This is true regardless of the simplicity or complexity of one’s sales process because, ultimately, the experience itself has become equally critical as the quality of what’s [...]

Balancing Risk: To Cloud or Not to Cloud

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Not Just A Trend but the Future: Avoid Risk Cloud computing is not just a passing trend but the future of computing. Failing to adopt comes with ever-increasing and often uncontrollable risks for any organization including a loss of flexibility, increased security risk, and rising IT costs. The right partner and methodology can ease your [...]

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Join Keste at Oracle Modern CX 2018

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Improving the Customer Experience: Learn how Sales Automation, CPQ Cloud, and End-to-end Automation Can Up Your Game Join Keste at this year’s Modern CX show to learn what it takes to create the ultimate customer experience! From April 10 – 12 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, our team will be at kiosk (SAL-05) sharing our extensive [...]

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BOOM! Create Communities at Lightning Speed with Salesforce’s Bolt

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The cost to engage a firm to develop custom software is prohibitive for most companies, cost wise and performance wise. They can’t waste time and resources developing software in-house; it’s not their core competency. What companies do want is easy access to a reliable, industry-specific platform that’s easy to use and adds value to their operations. [...]

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How to Modernize Your Legacy Infrastructure: “Integrate and Innovate” Instead of “Rip and Replace”

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There is an almost deafening buzz in the current technology climate about moving to the cloud. The cloud, be it public, private, hybrid, or a combination thereof, promises unprecedented agility, scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and more, and the exodus in that direction can be felt at nearly every level of the IT organization specifically and [...]

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Working with Keste

By | 2018-04-04T05:33:04+00:00 December 4th, 2017|Cloud, Customer success, Oracle, Solutions| Tara Palmierie Senior Manager, Cloud Specialized Solution Sales Oracle North America Alliances Channels We strive for good feedback from not only our customers but also from our Oracle representatives we partner with. In the interview below, Tara Palmierie, Oracle Senior Manager of Cloud Specialized Solution Sales, North America Alliances Channels, speaks to how Keste [...]

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