Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

Do you have a plan for moving to the
Next Generation of EBS?


Oracle E-Business Suite
With so many questions about the future of Oracle E-Business Suite and so many options for moving to the next generation of EBS, it pays to work with a partner that can provide insights and guidance across the full spectrum of options:




Keste helps you determine how prepared you are for an EBS upgrade and shows you how to accelerate your upgrade and reduce risk. Our EBS experts will work with you to efficiently upgrade your EBS application to the release that best meets your current needs and positions you for the future.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions enable you to take advantage of best-of-breed functionality in the cloud while maintaining your core EBS functionality on premise. Keste works with you to develop and execute an intelligent hybrid-cloud strategy that seamlessly integrates the individual components.

Lift and Shift to the Cloud

There are a number of alternatives (including Oracle’s new Bare Metal Cloud Services) for moving your entire EBS application to the cloud. Keste experts will make sure you understand the benefits of each alternative and help you execute your transition to the cloud.

ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud may be the best solution if you are looking at a reimplementation scenario. Keste will help you understand the implications of moving and then can help you implement an Oracle ERP Cloud solution that meets your needs.

At Keste, we aren’t just EBS experts, we’re cloud consultants that help you modernize and move to the cloud in the most intelligent way. Our solutions are supported by our awarded-winning middleware and infrastructure practices that leverage SOA and cloud integration tools to ensure seamless operations.