Value Added Services

Keste’s value added services provide maximum return

Keste provides a wide range of value-added services for organizations that seek assistance with their enterprise IT needs — in a way that provides significant return on their investment.

Our service offerings range from enterprise architecture consulting services — for companies seeking to develop a long-term technology roadmap — to managed service solutions — for companies who desire flexible, ongoing support.

Keste’s range of Value Added Services includes:

Cloud Consulting

Keste works with you to design cloud-based solutions to maximize your capabilities and achieve your business objectives. Our vast experience across a broad range of both Cloud and on-premise applications / technologies means that you will be able to unlock the full value of the Cloud — personalized for your business.

Staff Augmentation

With Keste, you are getting the best we have to offer for all your IT staff augmentation needs. Our smaller, more flexible delivery model provides access to all our consultants and our cumulative years of experience. With Keste Staffing, your IT project stays on-time, within budget, and delivers the return you need.

Managed Services

At Keste, we provide strategic service management support to help our customers optimize post deployment IT capabilities for (on-premise and cloud) applications, systems and technologies.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, our managed services experts work with you on a proactive basis to improve your IT support capabilities in order to cut costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Enterprise Architecture Road Map

Keste’s depth of knowledge and subject matter expertise across the full IT spectrum allows us to serve as end to end enterprise architecture consultants.

Enabling future growth is dependent upon the successful integration of cloud and on-premise applications, technology and hardware. We help organizations navigate the inherent complexities of integration by:

  • Evaluating their current state of architectural maturity.
  • Developing a roadmap to help define goals and envision how to reach them.
  • Prioritizing and guiding implementation / integration in order to achieve short and long term goals.

Business Process Architecture

Keste’s business analyst team provides services focused on improving the business processes of forward-thinking companies.

With industry knowledge and strong technical and functional implementation expertise, we assess business processes and develop custom solutions to support the line of business and technical agility that companies need to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

License Optimization

With our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with the full Oracle stack, Keste helps organizations manage risk and optimize software licenses, saving our customers millions of dollars in compliance risk.

Our optimization services include comprehensive license review, software license optimization, control of virtualization sprawl and appropriate technology selection.

Engineered Systems Solutions

At Keste, we understand the Engineered Systems (Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics) landscape. Thanks to our strong Oracle partnership, we were instrumental in helping Oracle finalize the Engineered Systems migrate approach. We use this knowledge and our time-tested methodology to help our customers modernize their datacenters to support hybrid IT infrastructures.  


Keste’s health checks are a set of services delivered by certified product specialists to ensure enterprise environments perform at their full potential.

Our comprehensive health checks dive deep to provide a full analysis of your environment.  We provide recommendations for optimizations and metrics to measure and ensure ongoing optimum performance.

A Keste HealthCheck is an economical way to help you work smarter and achieve the highest possible return on your IT investment. 

Training and Education

Keste training solutions leverage our proven Oracle expertise to help our customers master the Oracle technologies they’ve deployed.  We educate our customers so they can reap the full value of their investment. Our strong relationships with Oracle product and development teams ensure we have access to the newest Oracle technologies before they are released.

The Keste team offers both on-site and remote training programs to provide the right solution to fit your business needs.

Program Management

To ensure the smoothness of your implementation project, Keste offers a suite of program management services. Our project managers (PM) bring a wealth of experience to ensure that your organization’s project meets all operational, budgetary, and time-related goals. Keste PMs are experts in managing all sizes of implementations across both Oracle and Salesforce solution suites.