Whitepapers / Ebooks

Whitepapers / Ebooks

Download our whitepapers and informational ebooks to learn more about specific Keste solutions, and how they can help your organization streamline business processes, boost revenues and accelerate business strategies.

Transformative IT snapshot

Transformative IT Solution Disrupts the Status Quo and Enables Global Growth

Learn how Keste helped a direct sales firm modernize their infrastructure and enhance their mission-critical applications.  By doing so, they recognized record volume increases since they could quickly rollout new products, promotions and spiffs. Keste designed and built this high-value business solutions by leveraging our expertise in Oracle technologies and applications and hardware. The end result was a company… read more


Keste Solves Complexities and Eliminates Manual Processes

Learn how Keste can help companies to automate the process of exporting and analyzing data from Microsoft Excel to Salesforce. Eliminating the manual processes can save hundreds of man hours a month. Keste designs and builds high-value business solutions by leveraging our expertise in Salesforce technologies and applications as well as in back office ERP solution… read more


Creating Business Value with the Digital Enterprise

Learn how Keste and Oracle enable companies to fully embrace the power of cloud, mobile, social and big data in revolutionary ways to drive customer engagement and deliver real business value. Keste designs and builds high-value business solutions for the digital enterprise that accelerate strategy and support innovation and growth. Try doing this with your… read more