Digital Commerce & Cocktails

From Outdated Legacy Selling to the Cutting-Edge of B2B Business — join us Wednesday, March 31st at 6pm ET for an evening of drinks and digital commerce.

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Can your B2B prospects deliver a B2C commerce experience? We can help.

Digital Commerce & Cocktails is a virtual event on March 31st, 2021 at 3pm PT | 5pm CT | 6pm ET


  • Watch how a B2B luxury furniture manufacturer transformed dis-jointed commerce channels and stagnant product offerings into a B2C-like eCommerce experience that partners loved.


Learn how you can build the products of the future, deliver seamless experiences from commerce to cash and achieve limitless sales opportunities with Digital Commerce Experience©, Keste and Oracle.


Drinks are on us! Get to know Keste over cocktails. Throughout the event, we'll be mixing up fun, seasonal beverages with the help of a bartender. Select your drink kit when you register.

Choose your Drink Kit

Let us know which drink kit you prefer on the event registration form.

The Aviation Spritz

A Pre-Prohibition classic, the Aviation features lovely notes of fruit and floral for a regal sipper that has stood the test of time. This spring makeover swaps cherry for black currant to offer a tart tang and opts for the effervescence of sparkling wine for added summer freshness. Sip this and be reminded of the roaring 20's as you roar through a good time!

Old Peppersass

Offering an aromatic and spiced filled bite, this take on the Kentucky Mule is perfect for the months leading up to hot summer days. With bright lemon freshness and a slight peppery lift, the Old Peppersass is perfect for waking the palate and saying "Hello Spring!"

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Digital Commerce & Cocktails is a virtual event, hosted on Zoom. We'll provide each guest with a drink kit of their choice, please let us know the best address to send it to.

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