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CPQ & Commerce Success Stories

Automate Lead to Order with CPQ

Our client, a global manufacturing leader and key supplier for COVID-19 testing needs, needed to scale fast. ArganoKeste conducted discovery, design, and planning workshops to develop a global digital transformation that enabled 15,000+ new opportunities in just one month. 

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From Outdated Legacy Selling to the Cutting-Edge of B2B Business

Luxury furniture manufacturer needed to bring their
disjointed selling methods up to speed. Our modern e-commerce solution enabled more sales and provided the infrastructure for every product to be customized.

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Introduce New Products Faster

Global technology and engineering firm's legacy systems were negatively impacting New Product Introduction cycles — ArganoKeste implemented a highly scalable CPQ solution that accelerated the sales cycle and reduced time to release a new product series from weeks to days.  

Keste, Digital Transformation

Reduce Time-to-Quote

A premier designer and manufacturer of aerospace and industrial fasteners needed a scalable, automated solution to support their exceptionally complex order and manufacturing processes. Our solution helped reduce time-to-quote from weeks to hours.

Lead to Quote Automation

Industry-leading enterprise data company struggled with a slow, labor-intensive configure, price, quote process that was now limiting future growth plans. ArganoKeste implemented a modern CPQ system and automated the lead to quote life cycle for drastically improved quote performance.

Can your B2B prospects deliver a B2C commerce experience? ArganoKeste can help.

Learn how you can build the products of the future, deliver seamless experiences from commerce to cash and achieve limitless sales opportunities with Digital Commerce Experience©, ArganoKeste and Oracle.

Contact us at to schedule a Happy Hour presentation for your prospects where we will showcase a live Commerce | CPQ | EBS site implementation.

Drinks are on us! Throughout the presentation we’ll be mixing up fun, seasonal cocktails while we introduce our new Oracle solution, Digital Commerce Experience©.

 See first-hand how Digital Commerce Experience© has transformed our client’s customer and employee experiences from commerce to cash, and learn how it will drive real results for your partners.

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What do you like best about Keste?

"The people. Starting with the sales process ArganoKeste brought very knowledgeable, intelligent and professional people to the conversation. They were very committed to the success of our project and of our company, and truly became part of organization for quite a while."

"If you're considering working with a third party in any of the ways that ArganoKeste operates, DO IT. They are a quality team and you will get great results. Our project was completed at-budget and they did more than they promised to deliver working up to the very last hour to ensure we had laid the best foundation possible."