Create-your-own computer from Dell. Dynamic product suggestions from Amazon. Customized, guided selling for everything from cars to sneakers. This is the Modern Digital Buying Experience – and it starts with Keste.

You need a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) strategy to take that leap in order to automate buying and selling experiences. But it takes more than just a CPQ solution. You also need a partner that has been there, done that, and knows what is coming next in the digital revolution. You need a partner who can:

  • Create your customized short and long-term digital strategy
  • Streamline your product catalog and map out the guided selling experience
  • Prioritize automation and understand each department’s role in the sales and delivery process
  • Assist in centralizing the data by integrating your CRM, fulfillment, back-office, and other key business solutions
  • Utilize data to automatically guide your customer to the preferred product and recommend up-sell options

Keste Configure Price Quote Solution Process

Keste has proven processes, value-added services, and accelerators for your complete Configure Price Quote (CPQ) needs, including CRM, quoting, order management or supply chain processes to create a seamless customer experience specifically focused on complex CPQ, Service, and Proposals. Our deep subject matter expertise with this technology combined with specific industry knowledge has led to numerous success stories where our customers have increased sales significantly by decreasing the time associated with complex ordering.

Benefits of Keste’s Configure Price Quote solutions include:

  • Real-time pricing and ordering to support complex pricing strategies
  • Enhanced configuration experience with a rich user interface, making it easier and customizable for multiple channel partners
  • Delivering CPQ solutions and capabilities from within CRM
  • Guided selling ability by taking users through features and options to meet certain requirements
  • Offering baseline and reusable configurations, as well as configurable add-ons.

As part of our offerings around Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Keste can also extend from core EBS solutions (Configurator for Engineer to Order and Configure to Order, Advanced Pricing and Order Management for complex pricing) to enhance the User Experience with Communities and SOA Integration with industry-specific applications. In addition, our Managed Services team becomes one of your MVP’s that works alongside your team to reach each goal.

View a Keste CPQ Case Study here or download one of our CPQ Offerings here.