Webinar: Simplifying Test Automation in the Cloud

Technology environments are complex, and organizations have widely distributed systems, tools and applications that make it hard for QA teams to connect them all together into a cohesive end-to-end flow. To truly accelerate time to market, consider automating your testing with a tool that can provide you with end-to-end coverage.

Join Keste's Senior Director of Program and Project Management Fahim Chowdhury and Doug McLean, Provar's Senior Director of Sales and Alliances, to learn more about the real world benefits of test automation, and how to achieve your own successful results:

  • Automation planning tips
  • The Five Automation Commandments
  • The Benefits of using Provar to automate your testing
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Presented by:

Fahim Chowdhury

Senior Director of Program & Project Management | Keste

With 19+ years of technology and management consulting experience leading large-scale transformation programs covering the entire software delivery lifecycle, Fahim is always trying to find accelerators like reusable tools, processes and automation opportunities to add more value for Keste‚Äôs clients. He serves as the Keste Key Account Director for multiple clients and is working with some of those clients to automate their end to end testing with Provar.

Doug Mclean

Provar Senior Director of Sales & Alliances | Provar

Doug McLean is a 15 Year user & veteran in the Salesforce ecosystem. working with customers and partners of all sizes. 3X Salesforce certifications. Doug's role is to help customers and partners get the most out of their Salesforce investments by delivering better quality faster via Test Automation.


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