Salesforce Community Cloud

Drive connected customer engagement with Salesforce Community Cloud

Customers who spend time in product or service based communities have higher levels of customer satisfaction and spend more than customers who aren’t engaged with your business, it’s a simple as that. Salesforce Community Cloud is CRM-powered online community platform designed to connect employees, partners, and customers with a seamless, modern ecosystem.

Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud

  • Personalized Customer Experiences
  • Mobile Optimized and Responsive Web Portal
  • Increased Engagement
  • Robust Knowledge Database for Customers, Employees and/or Partners
  • Improved Collaboration between Customers, Employees and/or Partners
  • Accelerated Channel Sales

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How We Help

Keste creates digital solutions that help to improve and streamline customer service by enabling your customers to resolve issues whenever and where ever works best for them.

We work with stakeholders throughout the entire development lifecycle to create solutions that:

  • Improve customer engagement and empower employees and partners
  • Are instantly mobile and social-enabled to connect people and drive business, no matter the place, space or device
  • Immediately add value without the overhead of infrastructure, hardware or availability
  • Speed time to market
  • Profitably extend your Salesforce investment
  • Translate your vision into a practical solution by combining industry knowledge with our deep understanding of Salesforce applications, platform and other solution offerings
  • Deliver high-quality solutions quickly, using our iterative deployment methodology toolset and past experience
  • Fully integrate with necessary front and back end systems (CRM, marketing automation, order management, quoting, etc.), leveraging our proven integration expertise and tools