Salesforce CPQ

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Provide Accurate, Timely Quotes and Proposals with Keste’s Salesforce CPQ Solution

Keste’s Salesforce CPQ solutions help companies raise the performance of their sales channels, to sell more, sell faster, into different markets, for both products and services.

We can enable a variety of CPQ solutions from within a Salesforce opportunity, allowing all sales channels to generate quotes and proposals quickly. By never having to leave Salesforce, sales teams and channel partners have access to a streamlined Lead to Renewal process (Lead to Quote, Quote to Order and Order to Cash), improved pipeline visibility and enhanced forecasting capabilities.


Our deep subject matter expertise combined with industry-specific knowledge are highlighted in numerous success stories where our customers have:

  • Improve sales and operational forecasting abilities
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Decrease the time to book orders
  • Boost renewal rates
  • Eliminate duplicate customer / contact data

If your sales process is ready to be streamlined, and you want to learn more, read about Keste’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) strategies: