More and more businesses are realizing the power of the cloud. A cloud solution offers more speed and agility than on-premise solutions. It also improves workforce productivity while lowering costs.

So Why AWS?

So why should you join the millions of active customers on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Well, AWS offers scalable technology solutions that help you work smarter, faster and easier. One of the key differentiators of AWS is its pay-per-use pricing model: you pay for what you use (power, storage and resources) without long-term contracts or up-front commitments. Not to mention the fact that AWS Cloud has more than 90 different services (compute, storage, databases, continuous integration, data analytics, AI and more) that integrate together to provide a one-stop shop for your cloud needs.

Benefits of AWS Cloud

Besides the wide range of services and the pay-per-use pricing model, there are many other reasons to consider AWS Cloud.

  • Lower operational costs through an elastic cost base infrastructure
  • Increased workforce productivity due to two key factors: no longer having to wait for infrastructure and not having to build and maintain other services because AWS has over 90 at your disposal
  • Lower maintenance costs by eliminating the need to do a big refresh and/or a data center renewal
  • Reduced risk related costs through improved uptime with AWS’ global footprint, covering 16 Regions which comprise 42 Availability Zones (AZs).
  • Improved operational agility by allowing you to react to market conditions more quickly.

There are various stages to cloud adoption and it is different for every business, which is why it is important to have a trusted partner assess your business and provide you with a cloud roadmap. This is exactly what ArganoKeste does.

How We Help

ArganoKeste evaluates your business needs and wants, creating a plan to move to AWS Cloud using the 6R migration strategy (Retain, Retire, Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Rearchitect) for a tailored solution to improve your business’ speed and efficiency. We also have many years of experience in cloud migrations and other cloud platforms. So whether you are looking to change cloud providers or are wanting to migrate to the cloud from on-premise legacy systems, we have the expertise to help your migration go smoothly and successfully.

Contact us today to see how an AWS Migration can benefit you.