Our Story

It all began with a question.
How do you make money at scale, when every order is different?
In a world where consumers have become accustomed to custom solutions, how do you set your business up for future success?

Keste was founded 15 years ago on the principal that mass customization would soon be the norm, and has been implementing scalable, modern monetization strategies and technologies to support complex B2B selling models ever since.

But, what does that mean exactly? At Keste, we believe that to be successful, your sales process must be as frictionless as possible. In the era of go digital or go home, a great idea isn’t enough — you have to also deliver incredible customer experiences. This means that not only must the acts of buying and selling be easy, pricing needs to be custom, terms should be flexible, order fulfillment has to be fast and accurate, assets must be managed correctly, invoices and payments need to be sent and gathered in a timely fashion, and, to stay in business, financial operations have to be compliant.

It’s a lot to contend with, and when your customers are corporations and your products, services and quotes are complex, the stakes are high.

The fact is, most companies have not planned for their digital future, and some of the largest companies in the world are still using spreadsheets to manage their B2B sales processes. Whether we like it or not, it’s not about how good your product is anymore, it’s about how easy you are to buy from, and businesses who neglect to modernize run the real risk of falling behind, and even going out of business. The headlines are full of stories of companies who didn’t face the challenge in time, or those who took the wrong approach and failed. But, it’s not too late for your company to transform, the right way.

From the front, to the middle, to the back office, our expert teams take the extra time to understand the complexities of your business — we like to think of it as going slow to go fast. Our methodical, 360 degree approach helps to ensure that we implement the right solution for your problem, and our expertise in automating business processes brings fast returns. We do it by turning your old, tired sales process into a modern sales engine, integrating and tuning each individual component to its optimum ability

Whether you’re making the pivot to a subscription model, or need complex, guided selling solutions, Keste helps your business to run faster, better, and cheaper by delivering highly automated, accurate, and cost-effective customer experiences built on multicloud technologies.