With an extensive background in industrial manufacturing solutions and the specializations that are driving the future of supply chain management, Keste can assist you with innovative and integrated solutions to make you a leader in the industry.


Responding to issues such as shortened product lifecycles and pricing increases, leading industrial manufacturing organizations are seeking ways to solve these problems, in addition to accelerating innovation, driving growth through customer-centric processes, and optimizing supply chain performance. Enterprise software provides a means for industrial manufacturing customers to increase agility to meet customer expectations and market demands.

Keste’s industry proven differentiators include:

  • Delivering superior customer experiences through complex ordering and selling with custom product configuration
  • Enabling vendor and channel partner demand-generation collaboration
  • Supply chain and product lifecycle management
  • Data integration and integration of cloud-based applications

Keste has deep subject matter expertise in supply chain management and optimization that helps us understand our customers’ specific needs. We have a long history of customer success in industrial manufacturing, providing further proof of our deep industry knowledge and experience with complete, integrated solutions.

“Keste has been a valuable partner in both software development and business consulting, so it was only natural to turn to their expertise in architecting a SOA solution that connected our robotic inventory system with our ERP systems. They delivered a complete solution that allowed us to achieve our goals for same-day order fulfillment, lower costs and support our plans for the growing company.”
– Vice President, Manufacturing and Medical Devices

Keste has delivered solutions to leading manufacturers, providing them the ability to:

  • Integration of EBS and Kiva application for robotic fulfillment and inventory management
  • Speed up order fulfillment and enable same-day shipping
  • Modernized multiple retail and manufacturing businesses CPQ solutions and integrated with their back-end solution to make complex orders seem like a breeze for the manufacture to deliver

Industrial Manufacturing

Keste’s solutions help our industrial manufacturing customers to:

  • Enable guided selling and order management to ensure accurate and timely product configuration
  • Automate quote-to-cash and order-to-cash business processes
  • Gain forecasting visibility and accuracy to help manage inventory and ordering to avoid downtime and excess materials.
  • Manage and integrate international business processes including multiple languages and currencies
  • Enable platform for modernization

Industrial Manufacturing Customers: