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“Keste laid the foundations for success. If you’re considering working with a third party in any of the ways that Keste operates, DO IT. They are a quality team and you will get great results. Our project was completed at-budget and they did more than they promised to deliver – working up to the very last hour to ensure we had the best foundation possible.”

Scott D., V.P. of Product & Digital Strategy

“Through our long and successful partnership with Keste, Intelligrated has implemented a solution that significantly improves accuracy while reducing waste in our end-to-end system design-to-manufacture process.”

Steve C., CIO, Intelligrated
“Keste has a long history of working in Q2C processes and thus have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this domain, which we leveraged to build successful business solutions to various Q2C problems.”
Sujit N., Splunk

“The entire Keste team has been incredible to work with during our journey, a true partner for this effort. Flexible, responsive, dedicated the list goes on and on, simply put they were 100% committed to our success. As leaders we all know that these big projects are riddled with surprises, speed bumps and the occasional mountain that needs to be climbed. Keste handled each of those challenges perfectly throughout our entire journey and I couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership!”

Ron H., VP of Enterprise Application Services, Maritz

“Keste are a great and trusted partner. We are just finishing design, but already see the benefits of an optimized quote to cash process. During our discovery and design, Keste was able to surface quite a number of business process limitations and areas for improvement.”

Nicole B.

“Finally, Life Technologies can deliver a total digital experience for our customers through smart integration of our Service Portal, thanks to the expertise and support from Keste.”

Tom S., Sr. Director IT, Life Technologies
“We were able to achieve success after engaging with Keste. This added high-value assets to our portfolio and added the much needed next generation products to our offerings.”
Praveen M., BenefitMall