The Financial Services Industry is stuck on legacy platforms and Keste knows how to implement digital facelift for their systems.

Financial Services

Financial services, insurance, and mortgage companies are almost a whole decade behind on their journey to the cloud. They must rely on legacy and on-premise solutions that are acting as a ball and chain, slowing down modernization and innovation. In a world where data, experiences, and security are everything, you need a partner that knows the struggle is real.

Using today’s best business platforms and pulling from experience in over 20+ Financial Services projects, Keste acts as your cloud adviser. To upgrade to modern service platforms and meet ongoing challenges of extending business growth and profitability, it’s imperative that you go with a partner that has been there, done that and knows what’s coming next.

“For us to survive and exchange in this world and to stay relevant, we have to go faster and quicker to get to market quicker.”
– CEO, Leading Insurance Provider

By optimizing your networks, business processes, and technology, we improve your service delivery, helping you become more customer-centric and enabling your network for next-gen services. Keste provides the best-in-class technology for your IT infrastructure and beyond so you can be a competitor in today’s digital world.

Keste is also preparing for the new technology that will be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including:

  • New types of digital experiences to improve engagement
  • “Customer Intelligence” for new growth
  • Blockchain replacing traditional ledgers
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for service automation
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Cyber Security

Keste’s Financial Services Solutions

Keste delivers key solutions, from initial project to future digital strategy, by:

  • Quickly accessing your existing IT infrastructure and creating a roadmap to fast track modernization
  • Providing experienced resources who understand the Financial Services industry and trends
  • Streamlining current processes and providing opportunities to improve user experiences both internally and externally
  • Unlocking the power of your existing infrastructure and accessing the opportunities that cloud provides

Contact the Keste team today for a Digital Day strategy session to begin unlocking your legacy platforms and providing the digital experience your users require.

Financial Services

Keste differentiators:

  • Best practices created from successful engagements within the Financial Services industry
  • Proven winning strategy called the Digital Hub
  • Ability to innovate and integrate infrastructure instead of a costly rip and replace
  • Quickly assesses and executes to outpace your competition
  • Automate and streamline business processes to improve the experience and gather new intelligence

Keste solutions enable our Financial Services customer to achieve:

  • Self-service communities to increase and improve customer engagement
  • Decreased call center talk time by streamlining user experiences
  • Simplified distribution of key information to customers and across the organization
  • A 360-degree view across the organization
  • Ability to utilize your internal resources to focus on innovation vs maintenance

Financial Services Customers: