Modern technology has lowered the barrier to entry for launching new products and services. Good business ideas can, under the right circumstances, be brought to market in days or weeks, whereas similar solutions in the past might have taken months or even longer to develop.

This is good news for the innovative companies whose B2B commerce and core systems are flexible, scalable and complement each other well. But what about companies who lack flexibility, are incapable of growth, and siloed? Digital transformation is in order.

ArganoKeste’s Digital Hub strategy is designed specifically to support agile monetization platforms by integrating the front and back office — we take a holistic view of your B2B sales cycle, focusing on multi cloud solutions that increase agility, enable growth, power business intelligence, and turbocharge revenue.

Marketing Campaigns: As marketers, we focus a great deal on the performance of our campaigns. But for every lead that enters the funnel, there’s the possibility that information is changing quicker than your CRM database can keep up. 

B2B Sales and Partner E-commerce: With exceptional end user experiences and data-driven decisions, businesses can deliver the critical partner functionality they need to stay competitive in the new digital era. 

Configure, Price, Quote: Sell more, faster — no matter how complex your products or sales cycle.

Contract Management: Improve your processes for better business outcomes — efficiently manage contracts from negotiation to completion.

Invoicing, Billing and Subscriptions: Investments in payment processing consistently produce significant growth results, with many viewing services like subscription billing as a key differentiator.

Orders and Services: Implementing solutions that help you go from invoice to order fulfillment quickly and reliably, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Service Fulfillment and Distribution: Connected systems give users real time information at every stage of the supply chain.

Assets, Install Base and Maintenance: Increase collaboration, generate new revenue streams and differentiate yourself from the competition with increased transparency into assets and asset data collection. 

Payments and Collections: Shorten DSOs and improve your cash to conversion cycle with digital payment strategies.

Revenue Recognition: Integration and automation solutions support compliance, digital financial intelligence and smart forecasting.

Financials Close and Reporting: Automated front end financials shifts financial closes from transactional to analytical, allowing finance teams to focus on strategic activities. 

If you’re considering working with a third party in any of the ways that ArganoKeste operates, DO IT. They are a quality team and you will get great results. Our project was completed at-budget and they did more than they promised to deliver working up to the very last hour to ensure we had laid the best foundation possible.

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