At ArganoKeste, we’ve been designing and implementing Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions for 15+ years and know the secret to decreasing the time and costs associated with complex sales processes and products.

What does CPQ do?

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your customers are looking for Amazon-like buying experiences. CPQ enables you to deliver this – even for custom, seven-figure orders. When implemented right, CPQ speeds up conversion time, enables fast new product introductions, improves customer experience and increases ROI. But let us show you the real impact it can deliver.

Watch to see how ArganoKeste’s CPQ solution helped a B2B luxury furniture manufacturer go from an outdated partner selling model and static product offerings to a B2C-like eCommerce experience with hundreds of customizable products – driving limitless growth for their business.

Why ArganoKeste for CPQ?

We have proven processes, value-added services, and accelerators for CPQ – including CRM, quoting, order management, supply chain – to improve your time-to-quote, fast. Benefits include:

  • Guided selling capabilities shorten the sales cycle by enabling efficient and profitable customized buyer’s journeys
  • Support complex, global pricing strategies with real-time pricing and ordering from standardized price books
  • Intelligent proposal generation tools providing automated, accurate quoting
  • Rich user interfaces with unlimited customization options lead to improved customer experiences and larger volume sales (including 2D, 3D and VR customization)
  • Automating complex approval processes
  • Implementing CPQ solutions and capabilities assessible with your existing CRM (when applicable)

Don’t let your legacy sales processes hold you back from delivering the buying experiences that provide real return. ArganoKeste and CPQ can offer you the ability to catch up, fast.

Contact us today to improve your buying and selling process.