Configure Price Quote

Customized, guided selling for everything from oil pumps to airplanes. This is the Modern Digital Buying Experience.

Why Configure Price Quote is Important

Today’s users demand digital experiences and will only engage companies that are easy to use and provide self-service capabilities. Businesses that have been slow to adapt are now scrambling to create their digital storefront. Legacy applications, the inability to streamline processes, and complex sales are all giant hurdles that many IT departments are struggling to overcome.

Benefits of CPQ

More and more businesses are implementing a campaign-to-cash solution. It’s no wonder why, when there are so many ways to improve user and customer experience with CPQ. The benefits include:

  • Real-time pricing and ordering from standardized price books to support complex, global pricing strategies
  • Improved CX with rich user interfaces, with unlimited customization options for channel partners
  • Integrated CPQ solutions and capabilities accessible from within your existing CRM
  • Guided selling capabilities supporting custom buyer’s journeys that are efficient and more profitable
  • Baseline and reusable configurations, and configurable add-ons

How We Help

Keste has proven processes, value-added services, and accelerators for CPQ, including CRM, quoting, order management and supply chain processes. Our goal is always to create a seamless customer experience, and we’re specifically focused on complex CPQ, Service, and Proposals. We’ve been doing CPQ for more than 15 years — our years of experience combined with specific industry knowledge has helped us to significantly increase revenue for our clients by decreasing the time and costs associated with complex sales processes and products.

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