Looking to reduce costs by automating accounts receivable and accounts payable processes?

Why Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Automation is Important

For many businesses, invoicing is still an expensive paper-based process. Managing this process is inefficient, labor-intensive, decentralized, error-prone, and certainly not scalable.

Back-office systems of record allow companies to automate accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) but most organizations are still not efficiently utilizing these applications to reap the full benefits of automation.

Benefits of AP & AR Automation

Besides being more eco-friendly, businesses can see the following benefits when automating their accounts payable and accounts receivable processes:

  • Eliminate paper processes with integrated document capture and imaging
  • Decrease document storage costs
  • Reduce employee resources needed for paper processing
  • Streamline procure-to-pay operations
  • Reduce processing cycle times from weeks to days
  • Improve process visibility with real-time monitoring

How We Help

ArganoKeste delivers intelligent Paperless Office solutions that automate and accelerate business processes, reducing the reliance on paper forms, faxes, and documents. Our solutions streamline accounting and purchasing activities by centralizing the invoice processing system and routing documents electronically rather than pushing out paper invoices…enabling customers to realize the benefits of automating document-heavy processes quickly and efficiently.

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