Customers not only want great customer service they expect it.

Why is Service Cloud Important

Customer service has changed with the introduction of new technology. Customers not only judge a business based on its products/services, but also on its customer service. According to a poll, 92% say they would stop purchasing from a company after three or fewer poor customer service experiences and 26% after only just one.  This is why many businesses are turning to solutions like Salesforce Service Cloud to help create a better customer service experience.


Benefits of Service Cloud

In addition to having several customer experience platforms that integrate with Service Cloud (Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, etc), businesses can also see benefits like:

  • Omni-channel Capabilities (Phone, Email, Social Media, Apps, Etc.)
  • Access to the answers your customers need to solve problems
  • Flexible channels that let customers resolve issues on their own terms and timeline
  • Management insights that enable you to continuously improve service levels
  • Manage all of your case interactions
  • Ability to have live agent chat
  • Personalized Customer Experiences
  • Better Security
  • Increased Productivity


How We Help

Keste creates digital service solutions that help you improve and streamline customer service while providing your customers the ability to resolve issues whenever and where ever works best for them.

We will work with all your major stakeholders throughout the entire solution development lifecycle to:

  • Translate your vision into a manageable solution by combining our industry knowledge with our deep knowledge of Salesforce applications, platform and other solution offerings
  • Deliver high-quality solutions quickly, by leveraging our iterative deployment methodology toolset and past experience
  • Fully integrate Service Cloud with all other critical systems (CRM, marketing automation, order management, quoting, etc.) leveraging our proven integration expertise and tools

Contact us today to improve your customer service experience.