Implement valuable IT solutions that optimize existing technology, improve forecasting, integrate business processes, and poise you for the digital future.

High Tech companies often face many challenges, including:

  • Intense global competition
  • Slow product lifecycles
  • Inability to bundle and price products efficiently
  • Slow and/or manual quoting processes
  • Multifaceted global supply chains
  • Possible variability/disruption in supply and inability to forecast accurately
  • Integration and configuration issues

In order to meet these challenges effectively and efficiently, organizations need technology solutions that deliver real business value.

“We could not have delivered this integration solution without Keste’s hard work, commitment and creativity. This partnership has led to increased sales and booked orders.”


Keste’s High Technology Solutions

Keste has delivered complete, highly integrated IT solutions to high tech companies, including those in computing & networking, consumer electronics/accessories, semiconductors, software, and more.

Keste’s industry-proven solutions allow high tech companies to:

  • Enable guided selling and complex order management to ensure accurate, timely product configuration and a superior customer experience
  • Automate quote-to-cash and order-to-cash business processes
  • Gain forecasting visibility and accuracy to better synchronize inventory and ordering to avoid shortages and overruns
  • Enable vendor and channel partner demand-generation collaboration
  • Integrate both data and on-premise / cloud-based applications
  • Manage and integrate international business processes including multiple languages and currencies
  • Modernize IT infrastructure

High Technology

Keste differentiators:

  • Deep subject matter expertise helps us understand our High Tech customers’ specific needs.
  • Proven ability to deliver effective solutions that enable growth by leveraging the right technology, innovative strategies, and best practices.
  • Multiple partner awards and certifications for proficiency and innovation in applying solutions and facilitating integration to maximize the value provided in High Tech.
  • We drive value by redesigning business processes, through digital transformation, hybrid cloud integration, and improve sales and call center collaboration.

“This project has been a huge strategic step in our journey from a paper-based, manual world to an automated, digital world, leveraging modern sales tools…”

Director, Business Systems

High Technology Customers: