Cloud Automation automates repetitive and time consuming enterprise workloads. It goes hand-in-hand with Cloud Orchestration: Cloud Automation automates tasks and Cloud Orchestration manages and coordinated the automated tasks.

Why Cloud Automation is Important

Despite the fact that operating on a cloud infrastructure is cheaper than a traditional on-premise one, many businesses face the challenges of reducing maintenance and operating costs, while improving security and performance. Good news is that with an increasing number of businesses moving to the cloud, providers and developers are finding new ways to automate previously manual tasks to streamline processes. Cloud Automation is one solution businesses are turning to that can help businesses lower their costs while improving performance.

Benefits of Cloud Automation

  • Cloud Automation eliminates repetitive and manual process freeing up IT to work on more important projects
  • Improves efficiency, accuracy and security
  • Automatically add or remove cloud resources as needed without additional hardware purchases or maintenance costs

Cloud Automation is also used in Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). IaC is the management of infrastructure though software or code which allows for continuous integrated, automated testing and more. Some of the benefits of IaC are:

  • More accessibility, allowing your business’ infrastructure to be accessed by both development and operations
  • Improved multi-cloud functions by enabling you to connect vendor tools to manage different platforms

Now that you have a solution you just need a trusted partner to help you execute it. A partner like ArganoKeste.

How We Help

ArganoKeste helps you automate your cloud services end-to-end and/or works with you to implement an Infrastructure as Code architecture.

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