Customized, guided selling for everything from cars to computers. This is the modern digital buying experience – and it starts with a solid strategy.

Automating buying and selling experiences with Configure, Price, Quote software is no simple trick. It takes more than a CPQ technology to energize your sales team, you also need a solid strategy. Keste can help. We’ve been helping sales organizations to sell more, faster, with CPQ for over 16 years.

  • Custom digital strategy development
  • Product catalog optimization
  • Guided selling experience mapping
  • Automation prioritization based on understanding of each department’s role in sales and delivery process
  • Data integration and centralization: CRM, fulfillment, back-office, and other key business solutions
  • Intelligent guided solutions to direct customer to preferred product and recommend up-sell options

The ArganoKeste CPQ Solution Process

Our 15 years of CPQ experience has resulted in an array of proven processes, value-added services, and accelerators, including CRM, quoting, order management and supply chain processes, all designed to create seamless customer experiences specifically focused on complex CPQ, Service, and Proposals. Our deep subject matter expertise combined with specific industry knowledge has led to numerous success stories with customers increasing sales by decreasing time and errors associated with complex ordering.

Benefits of our Configure Price Quote solutions include:

  • Real-time pricing and ordering for complex pricing strategies
  • Enhanced configuration experiences with rich user interfaces
  • Guided selling development
  • Baseline and reusable configurations, configurable add-ons

Why CPQ:

shorter sales cycles

increase in revenue

reduction in manpower to produce quotes and proposals

Source: Aberdeen Group and Gartner

Partner with ArganoKeste

  • Customers rate us a 4.9 out of 5
  • More than 15 years experience implementing CPQ solutions
  • First Oracle Platinum Partner to be named Specialized for CPQ Cloud
  • Award-winning integration expertise
  • Multi-cloud experts
CPQ implementation tips

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Your CPQ: Best Practices to Launch with a Bang

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