Cloud applications and technologies are continuously evolving. In order to maximize the benefits and financial returns promised by rapidly multiplying cloud solutions, it is critical that your cloud computing approach be built on:

  • An understanding of the optimal mix of cloud / on-premise computing solutions for your business
  • In-depth knowledge of the benefits and disadvantages associated with a variety of different cloud options
  • The best possible integration strategy between both the cloud and on-premise applications

ArganoKeste has the expertise across a broad range of cloud applications and technologies. Combined with our multi-cloud strategy, we are able to develop a holistic assessment of your current infrastructure, as well as a comprehensive cloud strategy and transformation plan.

of companies improved business performance with the right cloud solutions

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ArganoKeste’s “Prove the Cloud” Program

A step-by-step, no-cost, 30-day process that provides tangible proof and concrete data on exactly how cloud solutions improve business processes and boost hard dollar savings. The program is broken down into three very distinct 10-day components: