Keste Kloud Connect

Oracle Document Cloud / Salesforce integration

Kloud Connect button no wordsCollaboration is transforming the sales process. When the sales organization can quickly connect with team members — across the entire company — to gain needed information / insight needed, deals are won.

With Keste Kloud Connect, you can leverage the power of Oracle Documents Cloud to store Salesforce attachments and share them across the organization. This accelerates the sales cycle by removing all email bottlenecks.

The sales process is streamlined by placing mission critical content into the hear of the sales cycle. Users are more productive in the way they sell to and support the customer, because they always have the files and information they need. Salesforce users have access directly from within the Salesforce interface, and back-office users are provided access to those same files simply and securely.

With Keste Kloud Connect:

  • Relevant information is where sales need it most — attached Salesforce records.
  • Up-to-date files are accessible from any connected device.
  • File management is a breeze, thanks to Oracle Documents Cloud’s folder hierarchies.
  • Attachment security is controlled by Salesforce security model.

It is collaboration made simple.

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