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Its Your Business… It Should be Your Cloud…

Today, speed to market is important for businesses whose customers have dynamically changing needs. The ability to quickly change internal processes to match ever-changing environments can provide many competitive advantages for successful businesses.

The cloud provides that ability, but one of the biggest surprises for many businesses is that cloud technologies often make things more complicated — not less. To successfully leverage the cloud, companies need to configure it to their own particular needs and processes, not adapt their processes to a standardized cloud.

Your circumstances are unique. Your cloud needs are unique; therefore, you need experts who can personalize your cloud for your business. When it comes to the cloud…one size does not fit all.

Keste Services Cloud

Keste Services Cloud has the answer for your unique need, by providing the expertise and right resources (at the right time) to make your cloud work best for you.

CX / CPQ Cloud

Lead to Cash on the Cloud Lightning Fast
Improve sales productivity and profitability through faster quotes, timely proposals and error-free orders.

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ERP Cloud

Transform Your Back Office
Moving ERP to the cloud allows you to simplify your technology requirements and easily integrate with new or existing business processes. With ERP Cloud, you can streamline business processes and shift resources away from IT maintenance and support for a quick return on your investment.

Private Cloud

Your Cloud, Your Way…
Improve operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization and accelerate data center virtualization without exposing your data and processes.

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Digital Experience

Your Business on the Cloud Delivered at the Speed of Thought
Meet and exceed continuously changing customer expectations through mobile, content and secure user experiences.

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The Cloud’s Value – Maximized
Go beyond APIs to provide better connections between cloud and on-premise platforms.

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  • We Build. We operate with the highest level of technical expertise and business know-how to build the solutions that best fit our clients’ needs.
  • We Integrate. Our cloud experts create solutions that bridge the divide between on-premise systems of record and modern cloud-based platforms.
  • We Secure. We help secure data, protect mission-critical applications and provide a comprehensive governance and compliance framework.
  • We Manage. We make it easy by managing solutions end-to-end while meeting all operational, budgetary and time-related goals.
  • We Deliver. Results that exceed your expectations!


Cloud success depends on managing its disruption carefully to ensure that the benefits cloud brings to your company are not overshadowed by costs such as unhappy employees or unnecessary risks. …Forrester, 3/15