Keste Technology Temporary Staffing

Fast and Secure Scheduling

Keste’s staff augmentation services delivers the right number of right-skilled people quickly, thanks to our certified team of qualified Oracle and Salesforce consultants. And anyone that’s ever worked on an IT project knows the value of having the right number of the right people on hand to get things done.

Keste is the Right Choice for All Your Staff Augmentation Needs

  • Every Keste consultant is available through staffing delivery model
  • Our consultants are fully certified across a wide spectrum of products
  • Our IT talent pool runs deep, across the full spectrum of Oracle and Salesforce technologies
  • No task is too small. No project is too large
  • Our award-winning solutions

Our smaller, more flexible delivery model – along with our decades of Oracle and Salesforce expertise – allows us to quickly deliver the best talent, with the specific skills you require.