Mitigate risk and protect your critical cloud platforms with cybersecurity solutions.

Why is Cybersecurity Important

Over the next few years, cybercrime could cost businesses globally $6 trillion annually, up from the $3 trillion in 2015  (Cybercrime Report).  It is no wonder why cyber security is the #1 external concern for US CEOs in 2019 (Conference Board survey). With the growth of mobility (BYOD) and cloud based applications, businesses are looking at various cybersecurity solutions to help mitigate the risk of data leaks and theft.

With the many different data types that drive business —confidential product schematics, newly negotiated contracts with sensitive financial information, customer lists with personally identifiable information (PII) — you need to take steps to reduce your information security risk.


Benefits of Cybersecurity

Aside from the financial reasons, there are plenty of other benefits to a cybersecurity solution, such as:

  • Secure Data
  • Protected Access to Mission-critical Applications
  • A Rich and Protected User Experience
  • Comprehensive Governance and Compliance Framework


How We Help

Keste delivers cybersecurity solutions that help organizations identify risk, manage complex IT security issues and alleviate threats. We do cybersecurity consulting and risk assessments.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our Cybersecurity Consulting practice consists of highly-skilled security consultants whose sole focus is to provide organizations (of all sizes) with solid Identity Governance and Access Management solutions. We protect your highly sensitive data against the most advanced threats by:

    • Providing a seamless, secure user experience across both on-premise and cloud-based platforms
    • Complying with all applicable regulatory requirements (e.g. PII, PCI, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA)
    • Enabling secure access to critical applications and sensitive data, including single-sign-on (SSO) functionality

Risk Assessment

Keste can help you assess your security risks and review your data, systems, and applications. We can:

    • Identify gaps in your environment architectures that create risk
    • Construct a stronger security framework.
    • Meet your compliance requirements

With Keste’s Cybersecurity Practice, you receive:

  • A framework for security governance, compliance enforcement and reporting — reducing risks and potential business impacts
  • Proven track record for architecting and implementing the Oracle IDM suite of security products — our expertise is your peace of mind
  • Single sign-on, authentication, and identity governance across all desktops, client-server, custom, cloud and mobile applications — ensuring both security and efficiency
  • Mobile security demos and in-house proof of concepts for Identity and Access Management integrations— providing a full understanding of real-world requirements

Contact us today to improve your cybersecurity or perform a risk assessment.