11 04, 2018

From Green Screens and Legacy Platforms to Innovative User Experience. Taking the First Steps to Modernizing Your Infrastructure.

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“For us to survive and exchange in this world and to stay relevant, we have to go faster and quicker to get to market quicker,” says Ron Goldstein, President & CEO, CHOICE Administrators, @rgchoice1 Sound familiar? Companies across the globe are struggling to create a digital strategy required to stay relevant, while currently heavily invested in legacy platforms from the past. In addition, they each have different [...]

28 02, 2018

BOOM! Create Communities at Lightning Speed with Salesforce’s Bolt

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The cost to engage a firm to develop custom software is prohibitive for most companies, cost wise and performance wise. They can’t waste time and resources developing software in-house; it’s not their core competency. What companies do want is easy access to a reliable, industry-specific platform that’s easy to use and adds value to their operations. [...]

4 12, 2017

How to Modernize Your Legacy Infrastructure: “Integrate and Innovate” Instead of “Rip and Replace”

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There is an almost deafening buzz in the current technology climate about moving to the cloud. The cloud, be it public, private, hybrid, or a combination thereof, promises unprecedented agility, scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and more, and the exodus in that direction can be felt at nearly every level of the IT organization specifically and [...]

28 11, 2017

Dallas Trailhead Live

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Keste is excited to follow up Dreamforce with you at Dallas Trailhead Live on Thursday, December 7th. Salesforce is coming to Dallas for speakers, sessions, keynotes and more on how to connect with customers using the power of the Intelligent Customer Success Platform. Located at the Sheraton hotel in Downtown Dallas, this brand new event aims to give attendees [...]

15 11, 2017

Keste’s Top Moments from Dreamforce 2017

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Every year Dreamforce promises a whirlwind of people, ideas, and technology, and this year was no different. Dreamforce 2017 delivered the usual crazy crowds, speakers to remember, useful sessions, great parties and opportunities to connect with old friends and new – plus, of course, all the Salesforce information and inspiration that you possibly could ask [...]

5 11, 2017

Catch up with Keste at Dreamforce 17

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Keste is a leader in multi-cloud solutions and engagements. We are known for our ability to quickly and efficiently bring current customer technology in the future by digitizing and transforming with best practices and a variety of leading solutions. We’re excited to head out to San Francisco for Dreamforce 17 and have a lot of [...]

27 10, 2017

You know Salesforce? We’re hiring.

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Keste was named a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner in a record 18 months. We are on fire and are already reaching for our next goal - to become the next Salesforce Platinum-level consulting partner - in an even shorter period of time. We are looking for energetic, ambitious, results-oriented professionals to join us as we as [...]

10 08, 2017

Empowering Businesses and Customers through Salesforce Community Cloud

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Businesses thrive when they create customer value. In today’s digital economy, choosing the right technology is just the beginning. “Going digital” is no longer a buzzword, it’s an urgency riddled with uncertainty. One thing is certain – you must connect with the people and groups who matter most to your business. Salesforce has transcended their [...]

11 09, 2015

Check out Keste’s Manufacturing Solutions at Dreamforce 2015

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Come visit us in the Customer Success Showcase – West Hall – in the Manufacturing booth (#53) and learn about our CPQ (configure price quote) solutions. Managing complex quotes and long sales cycles is a challenge for any company – especially for those manufacturing companies that sell complex products or who have large product catalogs [...]

30 07, 2015

Dreamforce 2015 Discount Code

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Missed out on the early bird discount for Dreamforce 2015?  Well, you are still in luck. Receive a $100 discount on your Dreamforce registration by using our coupon code:  EC15KSTC  As you probably know, Salesforce's Dreamforce 2015 conference is fast approaching.  It will be here sooner than you can think  — so now is the [...]