Helping you Turn Information into Action

Keste can help you turn the enormous amount of data in your Salesforce application into real actionable insights. With native integration with Salesforce, Einstein Analytics applications makes it easy to connect right to your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data and dynamically explore any information to spot trends and visualize key performance indicators.

Prebuilt Analytics application solutions help you:

  • Analyze millions of data combinations in minutes – providing unbiased answers, explanations, and recommendations
  • Give your sales and service teams the tools to instantly find the relevant answers that lead to smarter deals and happier customers
  • Immediately act on insights using tools that enable you to take the next step and assign a sales task, close a service case, or collaborate with key stakeholders
  • Extend analytic capabilities to any mobile device so all your team members can slice and dice data, no matter where they’re working

Customer Feedback:

“This is so much faster than waiting on dashboards to refresh.”

“I love that we have the ability to dig deeper into all of the different categories and filter based on what we want to know.”

“Wave is lightyears ahead of anything we have had in the past.”