Need fast, affordable insights at scale? Get Amazon QuickSight.

When you need to make informed business decisions there isn’t time to sift through masses of data. You want answers as quickly as possible — without breaking the bank to get there. Amazon Quicksight can help.

Get Easy Access to Your Big Data

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based business analytics platform that makes it easy for users to get insights easily and for a reasonable cost.

Access Anywhere, Anytime
Because it’s cloud-based, you can access the platform from any browser or mobile device

Choose Your Data Source
No matter which application or source you need to work with, Amazon can connect with it

You Don’t Need To Be a Data Scientist
Easily work with data to build visualizations, perform analysis, and get insights, regardless of your technical skill level

QuickSight Pricing

Designed for scalability, QuickSight offers a unique pay-per-session model for dashboard users. There is no need for complex capacity planning. For as little as $0.30 for a 30-minute session, users can have access to secure, interactive dashboards – eliminating upfront costs and costly licenses.

QuickSight Dashboard Examples

Need inspiration for how your business can leverage Amazon QuickSight? Explore sample QuickSight dashboards built by other Amazon customers here.

Certified QuickSight Experts

ArganoKeste’s certified experts can help you to turn your mountains of data into actionable insights, finding relevant answers that lead to smart decisions. Learn more here, or contact us today to get started.