Keste has been very flexible and very quick to react. Even the best group of technical people in the world aren’t going to be able to deliver without communication and coordination happening at the right level. What Keste continued to bring every day and what makes them stand out was flexibility.

Vice President of IT

Integrate Front and Back Office Operations for Maximum Efficiency

After an acquisition, our client, a premier manufacturer and designer of fine home furnishings, needed to migrate the acquired business’ systems from a SAP and custom point of sale system to a more modern ERP system.

Transformation goals included:

  • Modernize sales quoting to provide and integrated, scalable multi-POS system
  • Standardize quoting process to mitigate and eliminate the risk of siloed knowledge
  • Streamline and automate ordering of highly-configurable finished goods
  • Increase efficiency, data traceability and accuracy for quote-to-order conversions