Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic with Digital Sales Experience©


A leading manufacturer in the health and life sciences industry – with $32 billion in annual revenue – chose us as their sole partner to modernize their global sales and service operations. Our Digital Sales Experience© solution readied them with the digital agility to be a trailblazer in COVID-19 testing solutions.

The Challenge

The health and life sciences manufacturer had plans for scale, but their sales and service operations were preventing them from reaching their goals. They needed globally standardized processes, the ability to deliver quotes for large pricing agreements fast, and a customer experience that matched the quality of their products – but those were all a long shot with their legacy infrastructure.

They were utilizing Siebel as their customer relationship management system (CRM) and quoting tool, but it did not have the capacity to meet the growing needs of their organization. Changes within Siebel required IT intervention – and with a massive global sales team of over 4000 reps, territory management and customer data couldn’t be updated in a timely manner, rendering the system almost useless. Siebel’s quoting tool also had many limitations, taking hours to deliver a single quote.

The Solution

A key requirement from our client was that our solution did not disrupt their day-to-day operations. And so we carefully crafted a solution with a 4-phase implementation roadmap and global training to give their sales and service reps the tools to close deals fast, while they never skipped a beat.

Our solution is Digital Sales Experience©. We seamlessly transitioned them from Siebel to a multi-cloud solution to standardize their processes and accelerate their sales for mass scale.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud streamlines their territory management and enables them to easily manage their customers and opportunities across all of their divisions, no matter their location.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud gives CSRs the information-at-hand to serve customers quicker.
  • Oracle CPQ drastically speeds up their quoting process and enables seamless and flexible management of large pricing agreements.


Digital Sales Experience© has significantly impacted their business. Through mass integrations of over 80 interfaces, they now have access to real-time analytics that empower sales to focus on only the most promising leads, customer service to upsell and cross sell relevant products and services, and – most importantly – decision makers to act quickly to meet demand.

  • Time-to-quote has been reduced from hours to seconds.
  • They churn over 30K quotes per month.
  • They acquire over 20K opportunities per month.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, they were empowered with the systems and processes to quickly distribute COVID-19 testing kits at mass scale – enabling them to be one of the first leaders in COVID-19 testing solutions. Because of their success, in March 2021, they were selected as part of a $10 billion deal to offer integrated COVID-19 testing solutions to school districts nation-wide to help the United States return to classroom education… which is priceless.

“ArganoKeste has been an amazing and trusted implementation partner. They have expertise in both Salesforce and Oracle CPQ and brought us their top-notch resources. In fact, we are already collaborating on future strategies and projects with ArganoKeste to continue our partnership.”

- Leading Health Life Sciences Manufacturer