Improving Patient Care through Communities


One of the largest member-driven, health care performance improvement companies in the United States is empowering it’s members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care at every turn. ArganoKeste helped them build a modern member community that is improving member collaboration and optimizing the entire health care supply chain.

The Challenge

Known for innovating the healthcare industry, their aging systems and member forum were straining their network. Collaboration among varying member tiers – supply chain, clinical, pharmacy and C-level – was difficult, their extensive knowledge base was not easily accessible, and contract lifecycle management was a manual process.

The Solution

ArgaoKeste’s multi cloud solution is strengthening their member community and fueling growth for their business.

We carefully crafted a custom solution for their needs using the following tools:

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud provides a modern member experience with a centralized knowledge base and improved member-to-member collaboration.
  • Conga CLM automates their contract lifecycle management.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud makes onboarding new members a breeze.


User adoption is a critical metric to determine the success of their community, and their modern member experience increased user adoption by 31%.

Besides benefits to their business, the healthcare industry as a whole is improving from better collaboration among healthcare professionals. Their members are achieving more efficient supply chains, and this in turn is improving patient care and delivering it at lower costs.

“When you find a partner that’s flexible and gets it, you stay with them… that relationship is what makes most of this work.”

– Senior Director, Healthcare Improvement Company