How a Leading B2B Manufacturer Achieved Customization at Scale


A luxury furniture manufacturer was struggling with an outdated partner selling model and static product offerings. To help, ArganoKeste developed the Digital Commerce Experience© solution to enable them with a B2C-like eCommerce experience and hundreds of customizable product offerings that customers loved.

The Challenge

Our client is a successful, B2B luxury furniture manufacturer who delivers their quick-ship, finished goods to high-end global clientele.

They had a beautiful owned-and-operated website, but their partner commerce experience was disjointed and fell flat in comparison. Their interior design partners were provided an outdated ecommerce platform that was difficult to use and had limited payment options, and their retail partners were required to contact customer service to place all orders.

Partners were frequently requesting to customize product offerings, but the furniture manufacturer did not have the infrastructure to do so – a real missed revenue opportunity.

The constraints of their legacy systems also disrupted their day-to-day operations. Sales did not have visibility into the buyer journey, inhibiting them from targeting the most promising opportunities, and customer service was overwhelmed with significant caseloads.

The Solution

ArganoKeste designed and implemented Digital Commerce Experience© to power their sales operations with new customizable product offerings, self-service buying channels for all partners, and automation.

Digital Commerce Experience© is comprised of multi-cloud technologies to deliver frictionless experiences for both their partners and their internal operations:

  • Commerce Cloud provides a B2C-like eCommerce and checkout experience for all partners, and provides automated messaging to move customers through the buyer’s journey.
  • ERP houses all of the product, pricing and customer data to power fast quoting and orders. As the data center, it also provides real-time dashboards for visibility into the sales cycle.
  • CPQ automates real-time, 3D product configurations, and provides itemized quotes based on the selections and specific partner discounts.
  • Integration Cloud seamlessly connects the website, Commerce Cloud, ERP, and CPQ


For the manufacturer, the results from Digital Commerce Experience© are immeasurable. Customization has dramatically increased their product offerings, and with their new self-service buying channel, the sun never sets for sales opportunities:

  • From zero to hundreds of configurable products: 200 frames, 400 fabrics, 10 additional decorative categories
  • Real-time dashboards deliver complete visibility into customer lifecycle
  • Limitless sales with self-service
  • Sell more, faster with CPQ

“ArganoKeste is flexible in working with us, even as we’ve changed our scope…we haven’t made it easy on them.  They’re accessible, they have a good team and a strong PM.”

- Luxury Furniture Manufacturer