Is Your Computer Scared of Networking?

While networking can be scary, there is no doubt that connecting with the right people can drastically tip your scales towards success. The same thing is true of finding the right partner to help take your business operations to the next level. You want somebody experienced with the right connections, somebody with whom you can relate, somebody who just “gets it”. You want somebody like Keste.

Keste has a solid history helping companies drive success using cloud technologies from Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM solution provider. As a member of the Salesforce Partner community we have access to both the extensive Salesforce ecosystem and to key internal Salesforce teams which, combined with our internal technical expertise, are powerful forces focused on not just arriving but also on what happens after you get there. Three areas in particular are keys to success: the sales cycle, engagement, and customer experience. Some of the ways that we can work with you to service these areas include:

Salesforce Service Cloud: focusing on the customer experience – In the highly competitive digital landscape customer experience is a defining factor. Delivering personalized customer service and support while providing customers the ability to resolve issues 24/7? Game changer. Rapidly and fully integrating Service Cloud with all the other critical systems on the cloud, legacy, and platform systems? Possibly life-changing.

Salesforce Sales Cloud: accelerating and streamlining the sales cycle – Great customer service alone won’t keep a company afloat. Sales Cloud accelerates and streamlines the entire sales cycle which in turn enables your business to offer a sophisticated buying experience.

Salesforce Community Cloud: engagement taken to a whole new level – Everybody thinks that closing deals and offering great service will propel businesses to success. While that theory may be true, our goal for you is about taking things to an even higher level. Community Cloud focuses on making it easy to build stronger relationships with your employees, customers, and partners through engaging digital experiences.

What now? Imagine the possibilities when you combine an ambitious company, an entirely cloud-based mobile platform, and expert implementation/integration services. You. Keste. Salesforce. The sound of success. Connect with us to learn more about how we can provide you with the right integrated set of cloud-based applications to deliver results, moving your business forward, faster.