Life is hard enough without adding unnecessary obstacles. Think about it, if somebody is rude or makes life difficult you simply don’t want to deal with them. The same goes for products, services, and systems. In fact, in the highly competitive digital landscape, a stellar customer experience involving minimal conflict and drama is not just a defining factor. The stellar customer experience is quite possibly the ultimate competitive element. That puts a lot of pressure on creating and maintaining the right environment however you can take steps to simplify the process. For example, you can use the cloud to eliminate system hardware, maintenance, and associated costs. Then go further and improve on that by using Salesforce Service Cloud to eliminate hassle, boost agility, and increase the quality of your customer service and the entire customer experience.

Use What?

Service Cloud is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform offering complete customer service and support, specifically designed to simplify the customer experience both internally and externally. Workers are provided with easy-to-use platform tools and customers get the personalized service that they desire. This in turn helps businesses increase loyalty, retention, and satisfaction. Win-win-win.

Remove the Rose-Colored Glasses and Put on the Flying Aviators

Many systems may over promise and under deliver however Service Cloud really is as good as it sounds. By providing you with a 360 degree view of the customer, from first contact to the present and everything in between, you have all the tools that will help your business take off. Imagine being able to:

Not worry about modernizing systems.

  • Benefit from real-time infrastructure built to scale
  • Rapidly and fully integrate with all other cloud, legacy, and platform systems including multiple yearly upgrades that don’t affect any of your existing customizations
  • Leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies including chatbots and image recognition

Deliver instant and personalized customer service and support.

  • You have complete visibility into every customer interaction with any department, helping to resolve existing issues and identify additional opportunities
  • Enable quick resolution and reduce caseloads with customer self-service portals that are available 24/7
  • Communicate across any channel including phone, email, chat, and even SMS messaging

Get the information necessary to make informed decisions and strategize.

  • Create customized reports and dashboards based on orders, customer interactions, and/or service activities
  • Focus and manage resources with Service Analytics dashboards
  • Get marketing insights from tracking customer behavior such as their activity in self-service communities

Tell It to Me Straight

People remember an outstanding customer experience. They become more loyal and keep coming back, they tell others about their experience, and it is a consistently proven way to grow your business. Without question it is worth investing in and following through with the right framework. So… Use the cloud to streamline operations. Use Salesforce Service Cloud to increase the quality of those operations. And talk to Keste about how to ensure you are set up for long-term success.