How a Global Aerospace Leader Reduced Time-to-Quote by 96%


A premier designer and manufacturer of aerospace and industrial fasteners trusted ArganoKeste to transform their exceptionally complex systems (13 ERP systems for 19 global locations) into a single, seamless quote-to-order process.

The Challenge

The global leader in aerospace manufacturing prides themselves in their design and manufacturing expertise, but their homegrown legacy systems were hindering their ability to scale. They were using an immense 13 enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) for their 19 global locations.

Global technology silos led to each site having their own processes, and it made quoting extremely complex. Each manufacturing site required their own quote, and if a customer’s request listed products from multiple manufacturing sites (which was common), multiple quotes needed to be created.

Additionally, a lack of connectivity and standardization created a drove of problems across their sales and service operations. Reps were required to utilize intricate, spreadsheet-based quoting processes for their millions of product offerings, making for a lengthy process. Approvals were conducted manually, and unnecessary errors and delays were frequent. And, reporting was also difficult, inhibiting their ability to forecast properly.

The Solution

The global manufacturer selected Oracle CPQ as the tool best suited for their needs, but this project was so complex that many consultancies wouldn’t even put in a bid to be their implementation partner. With our extensive background in simplifying the most complex B2B digital businesses and our expertise creating custom Oracle CPQ solutions, they selected ArganoKeste as their trusted partner to standardize their global operations.

After an intensive two-week design and discovery phase, we used out-of-the-box thinking to develop a solution to accommodate for their diversity and drastically reduce their time-to-quote.

Over the course of one year, ArganoKeste integrated their 13 ERP systems into a single global process and implemented an Oracle CPQ solution to streamline their quoting process. We also conducted advanced global training to ensure widespread adoption across their global sites and success for the future.

ArganoKeste’s modern CPQ solution made their operational dreams a reality:

  • They have the newfound ability to create a single quote across multiple manufacturing sites, and numerous sales reps can work on a quote at the same time, a wish that once seemed impossible.
  • They have access to multiple, automated pricing methodologies (Custom, Tiered pricing, Contract pricing, Regional pricing) to facilitate better customer offerings in their highly competitive industry, and leaders have access to past order visibility to support current and future pricing decisions.
  • They have a fully integrated workflow powered by automation that gives them full control over their approval processes and manufacturing assignments.
  • They have a new quote-to-order feature, where they can create an order from a quote with the push of a button, unlike before.
  • Real-time dashboards improve their reporting and forecasting capabilities so they can confidently make decisions for the future.


The global manufacturer saw widespread adoption of the modern CPQ solution, and they achieved global standardization for their quoting process.

Having a single, global quote-to-order process reduced their time-to-quote by 96%, and what once took weeks has been consolidated to mere hours. Our solution is making their goals for scale a reality.

“The thing that stood out with ArganoKeste was they were the only partner that could really show us what Oracle CPQ could do for us.”
- Senior IT Manager, Leading Global Aerospace Manufacturer