Enable Better Broker Experiences with Salesforce


Enable Better Broker Experiences with Salesforce​ For more than 30 years, the Word & Brown General Agency has connected individuals and businesses to industry-leading health insurance and employee benefits solutions. Brokers have relied on Word & Brown to build and strengthen client relationships for decades—but newer brokers were experiencing a slow learning [...]

Global Technology Leader Differentiates with Superior Customer Support


Global Technology Leader Differentiates with Superior Customer Support Customers have high expectations around online experiences - especially when it comes to technology products - and when they can't easily find the information they need they're quickly turned off. Our client knew that superior customer support was lacking in their industry, and that [...]

Mortgage Lender Revitalizes Lead Management


Mortgage Lender Revitalizes Lead Management The golden age of self-serve banking has arrived, and the boom has resulted in tremendous opportunity (and increasing competition) for lending providers. Caliber Home Loans receives loan inquiries via phone or from online lending marketplaces. Since customers often apply to multiple vendors at once, Caliber needed a differentiating solution that supported fast, error-free service, and exceptional, modern [...]

Grow Partner Relationships with Custom Communities


“We wanted to update our outdated broker platform, but the most important part of the project was providing a higher level of transparency to our customers so we could better service them and their clients. Keste’s expertise helped us create a way to show our customers we combine our service with technology, far [...]

Slash Time to Quote from Weeks to Hours with CPQ


Accelerate Complex Quoting with CPQ Arconic is an American S&P 500 corporation specializing in lightweight metals engineering and manufacturing. Their products are used worldwide throughout industries including aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation, and defense, but inefficient order configuration and quoting processes were threateneing their position as a forerunner in an increasingly competitive industry. [...]

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