3 Ingredients to Jumpstart B2B Innovation

If there’s one thing this past year has taught us, it’s that being quick to innovate will set you apart as a leader in B2B. In the new normal of digital business, those succeeding have a digital foundation that empowers them to innovate to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.  

“Businesses mastering the new Digital Renaissance have the agility, the strength, the speed and the intelligence in their [digital] operating platform to deliver those services and experiences efficiently and effectively.” – Chip Register, Group CEO, Argano 

For those who need to modernize their infrastructure, this is easier said than done. But to simplify this, let’s take a lesson learned from a Netflix series from Samin Nostrat – that I also happened to binge this past year – based on her cookbook by the same name Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking. 

As Nostrat puts it, every good dish is about the perfect balance of four basic elements: salt, fat, acid and heat. We can say the same for business. Successful businesses have a perfect balance of three basic “ingredients” that enable them to continue to innovate and keep their customers coming back to the kitchen for more. 

The Foundational Ingredient: B2B Solutions

Through data analysis, it’s critical to have a deep understanding of current – and anticipated – pain points for each business unit within your organization and identify solutions to improve their respective processes and operations. 

The Leavening Agent: Underpinning Technologies

Modern, cloud-based technologies are the catalysts that that give rise to the possibilities outlined in the B2B solutions.  

The Binding Ingredient: Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture is the component that seamlessly integrates the underpinning technologies to unify an organization from the front to back office. This provides the agility, speed and intelligence to improve performance across an organization so it can innovate and scale for the future. 

How To Build a Digital Foundation

Watch Argano’s Group CEO, Chip Register share how modern digital foundations enable the innovation necessary to succeed in today’s digital economy.


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Originally published July 19, 2021.