5 Salesforce Solutions to Accelerate your Business in 2021

Whether your organization is B2B or B2C, you need to be thinking about how you can continually optimize your digital commerce channels if you have any plans for growth, and it is essential to put modern platforms and processes in place to be agile for the digital future. As customer and client expectations change, digital tools are evolving to meet the demand, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new offerings that exist.

In October 2020,  International Data Corporation (IDC) released its Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, naming Salesforce the #1 global CRM provider for the seventh year in a row. It also listed Salesforce as the market share leader for sales, customer service, marketing, model-driven application platforms and enterprise community applications. In September 2020, Salesforce introduced new offerings and continues to push the envelope to stay on the cutting-edge of cloud technology.

We are breaking down five Salesforce Cloud offerings that – with the right partner and a clear implementation roadmap – have proven track records improving customer experience, boosting employee productivity and driving results.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the world’s #1 CRM, and it is developed to help sales teams sell more, faster, and anywhere. It is th

e pipeline data for all sales, marketing, service and commerce solutions, ensuring a single source of truth throughout an organization. With a better view of customer data, sales can target the most promising leads and provide personalized customer experiences that will drive conversions.

Features: Contact Management Software, Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Reports and Dashboards, Salesforce Mobile (Access Anywhere), Email Integration, Sales Forecasting, Workflow and Approval Processes, File Sync and Share, Data Management

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud delivers ultimate customer service experiences for both customers and customer support agents. Data is key to improving support efficiency, and the platform supplies business leaders with a full view into agent performance to better their operations while agents have instant access to customer data and real-time dashboards to quickly solve customer requests. The platform uses AI to automatically route service requests to proper agents, shortening case resolution time and building trust with customers. It doesn’t matter if support staff are in a call center, in the field, or remote, they always have the tools at hand to provide quality customer support.

Customers also have self-service and omnichannel service options so they can receive service in the medium of their choice, be it a self-service knowledge center, phone call, live chat, mobile messaging, or social communications.

Features: Customer Service, Agent Workspace, Case Management, Service Cloud Voice, Knowledge Management, Telephony Integration, Omnichannel Routing, Service Analytics, Service Process Automation, Virtual Remote Assistant, Customer Self-Service, Omnichannel customer support, Field Service, Employee Services (HR & IT Support)

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud provides advanced B2B and B2C digital commerce solutions for seamless online shopping experiences. Through CRM integrations, customers are provided with a personalized and consistent experience through the entire buying journey. The tools are easily integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud to provide a full view of the order lifecycle, and the platform is agile and can adapt as quickly as a go-to-market strategy allows.

For B2C, digital commerce and in-store shopping can be connected through a digital inventory, allowing customers to always have the ability purchase items, even if a store is sold out. For B2B, self-service commerce solutions simplify complex buying processes, speeding up time to order and lowering operational costs. All commerce solutions include best practices for checkout procedures and payment accelerators, mobile-first commerce capabilities, and social commerce options.

Features: B2B, B2C, Endless Aisle, Commerce Portals, Order Management, Content Management, Storefront Templates, Einstein AI for Commerce

Salesforce Experience Cloud (NEW September 2020)

Experience Cloud, formerly Community Cloud, enables connected, self-service experiences for customers, partners or employees to quickly serve their own needs, delivering a great customer experience, providing scalable revenue options and saving on operational costs. Experience Cloud has “Lightning Bolt” industry-specific experiences to choose from or businesses can create custom experiences for their distinct needs. Use cases include customer communities for knowledge sharing, Partner Relationship Management portals to equip partners with tools to increase their sales volume, forums, custom sites, mobile apps… the options are limitless.

Features: Partner Relationship Management, Customer Service, B2B Commerce, External Apps and Portals

Salesforce Revenue Cloud (NEW September 2020)

Revenue Cloud connects sales and finance processes and the entire quote to cash lifecycle in one platform. The platform utilizes process automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrations and real-time reporting capabilities to accelerate the sales cycle and drive revenue for complex businesses. Revenue Cloud is primarily comprised of configure, price, quote (CPQ) and billing solutions.

CPQ is the connector between Salesforce CRM and ERP systems enabling sales and partners to automatically generate complex product configurations and pricing and deliver quotes to customers, fast. CPQ automates approval processes to ensure compliance. It also easily enables new revenue streams by allowing for subscriptions with automated renewals, easy product bundling and usage payment options. CPQ drastically reduces time to quote and increases sales velocity.

Billings seamlessly sends quote information to finance for invoicing and collections. It enables billing charges to be consolidated onto a single invoice and electronic payments via credit card or ACH. It also simplifies revenue recognition.

Features: CPQ, Billing, Subscriptions, ERP Integration, Real-Time Analytics, Easy-to-Navigate Complex Product Catalogs, Easy Product Bundling, Usage Billing

In the age of customer experience, Salesforce is bringing their A game delivering next-level solutions that drive revenue for businesses. If you can’t check the boxes above, it’s time to consider a move toward modernization.

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