Argano focuses on architecting cloud-based Digital Operating Platforms, supporting complex selling and fulfillment environments from commerce to cash to close

May 3, 2021 – DALLAS, Texas – Argano launched today to deliver next generation business and technology services focused on architecting and building the intelligent, cloud-based and frictionless Digital Operating Platforms that make businesses run better.  Argano represents the combination of three partner companies, Keste, interRel Consulting and United Virtualities, with plans for more groups to join in the coming months.

Argano was built for today’s “Digital Renaissance,” where businesses are reimagining game-changing products, services and experiences to keep pace with and even lead fast-changing customer’s expectations. This requires enterprises to move beyond legacy architectures and invest in modern, scalable and sustainable Digital Operating Platforms to serve as foundations for their business.

“Companies have spent the last decade feverishly working to improve their overall digital product and experience designs,” said Argano CEO, and former Co-CEO of PublicisSapient, Chip Register. “This has led to a technology deficit in core operations which is hampering their ability to plan, sell and deliver well in a world of increasing speed and complexity. Argano’s passion is improving operating agility, efficiency and effectiveness by building the digital foundations that enable commercial innovation instead of being the limiting factor to our clients’ visions.”

Argano was created by bringing together world-class firms on to an integrated platform, offering our clients access to a unified set of unique business and technology solutions that underpin next-generation Digital Operating Platforms. These capabilities are combined with unmatched perspective on what is required to solve critical digital business and operational issues including:

  • Enabling sales to deliver frictionless customer experiences that optimize revenue
  • Architecting integrated logistics and supply chains that are resilient and flexible
  • Delivering agile planning systems and analytics that drive a more strategic approach to financial management
  • Implementing ERP systems and processes that improve data visibility and integrity across core operations
  • Building workforce solutions that enhance employee engagement, productivity and value

“The Argano executive team understands the demand for both the breadth of capability and insight of large global system integrators, as well as the agility, personalized attention and domain expertise of niche specialist firms,” said former Sapient Chairman and CEO, and Argano Board Member, Alan Herrick. “The Argano platform delivers both from day one, rather than leaving businesses to approximate the combination through intensive sourcing and orchestrating multiple partners.”

Backing Argano is Trinity Hunt Partners (THP), a leading private equity firm with deep experience in the business and technology services space. “Argano embodies our thesis in the digital transformation and integration services sector and has the leadership team and capital support in place to quickly become an industry leader,” said Blake Apel, Partner at THP.

“Service providers who specialize in modernizing, integrating and migrating enterprise architectures into modern, agile and cloud-oriented environments are well positioned for growth in the coming years.”

The first companies to join the Argano platform include Keste, interRel Consulting and United Virtualities. ArganoKeste is an award-winning technology services firm focused on Commerce to Cash solutions in the B2B space. ArganoInterRel brings unmatched experience in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software. And, ArganoUV brings world-class design and technology talent to the Platform, delivering ground-breaking commerce experiences for some of the world’s leading B2C brands.

About Argano

Argano is a next-generation business and technology services provider building the intelligent and frictionless Digital Operating Platforms that make businesses run better. Argano is purpose built for the “Digital Renaissance,” leveraging insight and innovation to help leaders design and implement the complex digital foundations necessary to not just survive but thrive and improve financial and operational performance. Argano believes the Digital Operating Platform should be an enabler of commercial innovation, not a constant source of limitation, and is committed to helping clients think differently about how they deploy and manage people, processes and technology. For more information visit