ArganoKeste and Salesforce Build “Mobile Pantry” App to Help Crossroads Community Services Fight Food Insecurity in Dallas

“Mobile Pantry” app brings convenience, accessibility and the dignified service of choice to families and individuals in need in Dallas County. Join the cause to scale the impact of this initiative.

November 19, 2021 – Dallas, Texas – ArganoKeste announces today the beta release of “Mobile Pantry,” an app built on the Salesforce platform to help Crossroads Community Services better serve families and individuals in need in Dallas County after COVID-19 disrupted their operations.

Crossroads Community Services’ mission is to nourish low-income families and individuals in Dallas County by providing them with nutritious food and supportive education through their pantry, distribution network and research programs. The COVID-19 pandemic tripled Crossroads’ demand for assistance, and they quickly shifted from a custom, in-person pantry experience to a drive-through pantry with pre-packaged boxes to ensure all clients were served in a safe environment. This enabled them to never turn anyone away, but it removed the ability for clients to select their food items – dismantling a critical piece of Crossroads’ culture of choice for the people they serve.

ArganoKeste shares in Salesforce’s philosophy to commit time and resources to support philanthropy and is committed to providing critical resources for local families through Transform Dallas – ArganoKeste’s employee volunteer initiative to work with the community, improve the environment and provide important resources for local residents. Since 2020, ArganoKeste has supported Crossroads Community Services through food drives, a partnership to build “Mobile Pantry” and fundraising support.

As 80% of the households they serve have access to internet on mobile devices, Salesforce and ArganoKeste partnered with Crossroads Community Services to supply the technology and resources to build “Mobile Pantry” and restore convenience, accessibility and the dignified service of food choice to their clients while also maintaining their ability to serve at a high volume.

In November 2021, the beta version of “Mobile Pantry” was deployed to five families, and in December 2021, an additional 20 clients will be granted access. Impact is already being seen. Client monthly time commitment has been reduced from 90 minute in-person meetings to just 10 minutes through the app – drastically increasing the amount of people that can be served and reducing the number of volunteers required for support.

Benaye Y. Rogers, President and CEO, Crossroads Community Services expresses how the application impacts their organization, “At our core, one of our strongest values is service. Service without dignity, cannot be true service.  We strive in every way we meet our client’s needs in a manner that dignifies all people, regardless of their life circumstances. This new application allows our clients the highest convenience and choice. We continue to focus on developing programs and tools that impact our families to make differences that last.”

The creation of “Mobile Pantry” is just the first step for Crossroads Community Services to utilize technology transformation to enhance their ability to fight food insecurity in Dallas. Crossroads needs additional resources to ensure the app is maintained, updated and scaled. As their partner, ArganoKeste is raising awareness and fostering donations for their cause.

Howard Moore, CEO of ArganoKeste, emphasized the importance of their mission, “Crossroads Community Services is an indispensable organization for Dallas County and I’m proud to support them. This organization has grown over the years to provide millions of meals for families and we’re committed to helping them provide even more.”

ArganoKeste invites and encourages all to help Crossroads Community Services continue their technology transformation journey. Please make all donations using this link:

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