Businesses thrive when they create customer value. In today’s digital economy, choosing the right technology is just the beginning. “Going digital” is no longer a buzzword, it’s an urgency riddled with uncertainty. One thing is certain – you must connect with the people and groups who matter most to your business. Salesforce has transcended their products and services from being a cost reduction strategy into a value creation strategy. The champions of branded online communities are wielding an ever-increasing power and effectiveness through collaborative communities. The Salesforce Community Cloud is widely successful by promoting customer self-reliance and peer-to-peer collaboration that is bolstered with a sustainable and curated knowledge base. Salesforce Community Cloud continually innovates to provide the capabilities and features that customers really want.

Customer Application

Recently, Keste was approached by a consumer technology company to explore how community cloud can empower their business and its users with a unique solution that takes a 360-degree view of the problem. Keste designed a custom solution with the following highlights:

  • User Experience Enhancement

– A seamless experience that encompasses smart product categorization, brand identity, and intuitive user experience through one click solutions made possible by a powerful contextual search

– Personalization and incentives that fortify community as a one stop shop for users with the help of features such as Leaderboard and top posts

  • Moderation and Efficiency

– Moderation tools for community managers which include image moderation, curation and promotion of the best and safest content, and growth monitoring

– Aligning user expectations with agent skills based on intelligent routing that saves time and delivers the best experience

Key Takeaways

The benefits were rewarding and phenomenal with a substantial decrease in call volume and increased engagement with the community. Salesforce Community Cloud empowers individual efficiency and incentivizes collaboration among customers. This empowerment creates lifetime value and loyalty, ensuring the success of the entire ecosystem.