Dreamforce. The massive tech conference that practically shuts down San Francisco for a week. Whether you are an individual to a big fortune 500 company, you could learn a lot from attending. Not only will influential thought leaders like Al Gore, Geisha J. Williams, and Jane Moran be speaking, there will be over 2,700 breakout sessions, training and certification opportunities. One of Keste’s own will be speaking about Advanced Grids in Salesforce Lightning Communities Using jqGrid during Dreamforce – Go Akshay!

With a conference this big it can be easy to get overwhelm or come unprepared, which is why we have gathered some advice from our team that should help you during that week. We asked them three questions and here were their answers:


What are you most looking forward to at Dreamforce this year?

“I’m most looking forward to the networking and learning opportunities. This will be a great opportunity to meet with customers and Salesforce reps so I need to take advantage of everyday to try and walk away with a lot of action items after the conference. I’m also hoping to learn a lot from the people I meet! “ – Sam Brown, Account Executive

“Sessions to learn from, connections to make, talk about our success stories with prospects and the parties!” – Akshay Dhargalkar, Senior Manager and Architect

“Dreamforce is the Mothership of all Salesforce events, I thrive of human interaction like you all know already! The opportunity to meet my fellow Salesforce enthusiasts/Trailblazers and network is something I’m looking forward to.” – Niky Ramachandran, Business Development

“The latest and greatest on marketing automation, as well as seeing all the cool things my fellow marketers are doing! From Salesforce solutions to new sales and marketing ideas, it’s mind blowing!” – Camille Musick, Director of Marketing


What sessions are you most excited about and why?

“I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to attend various sessions but if time permits I’d like to attend anything around Einstein Analytics as AI is really hot right now, Mulesoft, and CPQ.” – Sam Brown

“My own session, of course 😊. Besides my own, I am looking forward to some Mulesoft sessions, architect sessions and roadmap sessions.” – Akshay Dhargalkar

“Honestly I will be occupied on getting the Keste message out and working our Kiosk! But if I do get some time I’d love to attend sessions on financial services and something specific to Sales. Philanthropy is very close to my heart and I relate to Salesforce making use of every opportunity to give back to the Society, if I do get an opportunity I’d like to participate.“ – Niky Ramachandran


What are your tips for first timers at Dreamforce?

Tips that I’ve heard from others are to stick to your agenda, it’s really easy to get distracted during the conference with so much going on. Also – I’ve been told hydration is really important. There’s going to be early mornings and late nights with alcohol involved so staying hydrated will be crucial!” – Sam Brown

“Carry a back-up phone battery charger.” – Akshay Dhargalkar

“I’m a first timer, so technically not the right question for me! But I do hear from experts in-house that good walking shoes, gel insoles and Advil may come handy! Ha-ha and of course love for Salesforce.” – Niky Ramachandran

“Buy good, comfortable shoes TODAY and break them in before Dreamforce. Also, there is a Starbucks, Target and Massage Envy by Moscone, so any ache, pain or missing item can be taken care of there.” – Camille Musick


If you plan on attending Dreamforce, don’t forget to stop by our Kiosk! Happy trail blazing and we hope to see you at Dreamforce!


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