Communication has become a key part in any business, whether it be between employees, partners or customers. With the rise of social media and internet enabled devices, online communication has become crucial to business relationships.

There are two categories of relationships that businesses are required to nurture in order to succeed: those within the company (employees) and those outside of the company (partners and customers).

One of the basic needs for these three groups is information. Being able to communicate and share information and data both inside and outside a business is important. This is where a solution like Salesforce Community Cloud comes into play.

Salesforce Community Cloud is a collaborative social platform that makes it easy to connect and share information with people either internally or externally. There are several ways in which Salesforce Community Cloud can help improve business communication:


Portals are how customers, partners and/or employees can access the data and communicate within the community. There are several different types of portals:

  • Self-service – Customers can find answers to questions on their own by connecting with other customers on forums
  • Account – A place to update account information, manage cases or claim or access other information
  • Partner – This is a complete channel management solution where partners can find information to help them sell your solutions/products
  • Custom – Community Cloud can also be tailored to fit your business needs using Lightning Community Builder


Community Cloud can integrate and pull in data for Salesforce, third-party sources and legacy sources, allowing you to utilize community functions to capture leads, opportunities, cases and campaigns. The communities can also use CRM data to provide personalized experiences.


Information from discussions, files and other forms of communication within the community is organized and can be accessed on auto generated topics pages. Lightning Communities are also 100% mobile optimized, allowing the customers, employees and/or partners to access the information/community on any device.

Implementing a Salesforce Community Cloud solution can aid in improving customer/partner/employee experience, communication and engagement. This can help drive sales and increase business growth. So why not reach out and see how Keste can help you build the right solution for your company.

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