Sri Ayyeppen

“Innovation is right front and center for every business executive, making sure consumers can consume their services in an easy to use fashion… we’re helping our customers achieve that vision.”

Sri Ayyeppen, Keste Co-founder and CTO

There are a lot of questions about taking your business to the cloud and providing a digital experience while still making sure you focus on security, integration, and support. Keste Co-founder and CTO, Sri Ayyeppen, shares three key components to begin securing your future in the cloud.

After deploying many successful digital strategies, Sri understands the essential steps needed to become a modern digital business:

  • Engage a trusted advisor to create a detailed guide of where you are today, a roadmap to the future, and vision of each milestone to the cloud. This includes legacy platforms, API management, and preparing for exciting new technology to come.
  • Make innovation a priority in order to create a seamless digital experience for your customers, employees, partners, and products.
  • Adopt new technology strategically and verify you have sufficient support in place to execute and manage as the solutions evolve.

Our expertise and partnerships can get you to where you want to be. We provide the consulting for your roadmap, and help you strategize so you can execute this vision while still maintaining security. Many companies get caught up in moving forward that they forget to put security as a top priority. You must derisk your existing data center when moving to cloud infrastructure. Keste can guide you through that transition.

The digital era is upon us. We say it all the time, but it applies here too: if you aren’t a digital business, you’re out of business. To become a digital business, you need to be on the forefront of technology, utilizing modern apps and best practices. This includes mobile, social, chatbots, and much more.

Our last offering of managed services is vital for your digital experience. Making sure your new tools and processes are adopted successfully and having on call support will result in a stress-free, streamlined journey to the cloud. Look to Keste for the key ingredient of support and advisory to ensure success for years to come.

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