The blurring of technology into everyday living has become the norm, forcing a transformation in the way that companies communicate and do business. Things such as mobile computing, social networking, and the prevalence of cloud services are invading and taking over society. Want to survive (let alone thrive)? Better take advantage of the new technology because simply put, today’s advances will set the stage for future innovation. Here are 3 of the top ways that technologies are revolutionizing the industry:

  1. Digital hubs being used to integrate legacy on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based applications (if not generating a complete move to the cloud)
  2. Use of smart platforms and robotics to transform and streamline manufacturing and distribution operations as well as modernize supply chain management in nearly any industry
  3. Expanding the way that consumers and partners interact with machines, from customer service chatbots to virtual reality

More importantly, how can companies use these to differentiate themselves and create added value to their operations? Because those companies who move can capitalize on efficiencies, cost-savings, and sheer opportunity. Those that don’t will be rapidly left behind.

Establish reduced cost, flexible infrastructure using the cloud

Reacting to constantly evolving technology requires flexibility. Whatever a project involves – from processing power to storage to bandwidth – transforming business structures can eat up considerable computing resources. Accessing an elastic and scalable infrastructure on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go model provides needed flexibility and reduces IT costs, simultaneously making the most sophisticated network infrastructure available. Using cloud computing, both Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), is crucial for a company that wants to enter and accelerate out of the danger zone.

Implement real-time communication tools with analytics

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate decision-making where possible provides insights and options so that teams can make faster, better decisions on either the front or back end of operations.

Amplify the power of development and operations

A cloud computing approach to network infrastructure improves development and operational efficiency, leaving the company’s internal IT organization more time to focus on business-enhancing tasks. For example, self-provisioning/de-provisioning of additional network resources shortens the development lifecycle, involves stakeholders much earlier in all processes, and reduces costs. All without impacting production. This provides the opportunity for a company to consistently be first to market with innovative products, fresh customer experiences, or game-changing back-end processes.

Don’t think any of this is important? Wait just a bit; soon your technology will say the same things.

Mastering the art of working in an IaaS/PaaS framework positions the entire company, its technology, experience, and culture, to get on the fast track as even more sophisticated technologies roll out in the future. You can learn more about Keste’s expertise helping enterprises grow through infrastructure modernization (and find out how you can earn up to $15K towards your implementation) here.