We live in a digital world where everyday relationships are formed, strengthened, and sustained online. This is now true for both individuals and for businesses; simply put, in today’s digital environment one needs to interact with the online community in order to succeed. You have to be seen, heard, and able to react. As a result, the means for doing so – the platform – needs to be simple, sustainable, scalable, and affordable. It sounds complicated, with the wrong support it can be complicated, but with the right partner everything is easily achievable.

Salesforce Community Cloud is the next generation social platform that makes it easy to connect and grow with the people who matter most to your business. A comprehensive solution, Community Cloud provides a portal where you can streamline key business processes and socialize them to your benefit, have access from any mobile device, and which can include anything from support case data to qualifying leads to sharing files. A few key features include:

Flexibility. Community Cloud can be customized to fit your needs, creating a brand experience that can be still further personalized to automatically suggest connections and recommendations that invite deeper user participation.

Connectivity. Community Cloud enables collaboration, providing channels for users to communicate with both you and each other and find the information they need. Or find information that they didn’t know that they needed. It can be accessed anywhere from any device so the possibilities for collaboration and learning never stops.

Growth. Salesforce automation allows you to selectively share contacts, records, and leads in order to increase opportunities and streamline processes. You can integrate third party systems to further centralize and share data. E-commerce can be enabled. Finally, you can track and rank representative and partner performance to ensure alignment to key success milestones.

Creating the Modern Community Experience

Can it get better? Yes, it can! The Community Cloud framework was so successful that Salesforce created a way to speed up the necessary development time to build community portals and websites. This way, known as Salesforce’s Lighting Bolt, provides a framework that helps create a rewarding digital community better, faster. Combine this with Keste’s deep expertise and over 12 years of experience designing and building customer and partner portal solutions and celebrate success!

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